CHS Girls Soccer History
2011-12Conference ChampsRegional ChampsSectional Champs1842Clay SmithKat Roe named Belleville News Democrat Player of the year and Coach Clay Smith named Coach of the year.
2010-11Conference Champs1552Clay SmithCoach Smith's first year with the Lady Kahoks. Jordyn Reiniger All-State
2009-10Regional Champs13100Ron Rowden 
2008-09None1370Ron Rowden 
2007-08None773Ron Rowden 
2006-07None793Ron Rowden 
2004-05None1270Deana Wallace 
2003-04Regional Champs1450Deana Wallace 
2002-03Regional Champs1460Deana Wallace 
2001-02Regional ChampsSectional Champs State Qualifiers1730Deana Wallace 
2000-01Sectional Champs1950Deana Wallace 
1999-00None1651Deana Wallace 
1998-99None1540Deana Wallace 
1997-98Sectional ChampsSuper-Sectional Champs State Qualifiers2032Deana WallaceThe Lady Kahoks are back in the state tournament for the first time since 1992.
1996-97None1470Deana Wallace 
1995-96None1270Deana Wallace 
1994-95None1360Deana Wallace 
1993-94 1340Deana Wallace 
1991-92State Qualifiers1870Andy Kosberg4th trip to the state tournament.
1990-91NA000Andy KosbergNA
1989-90Sectional Champs State Qualifiers1660Andy Kosberg3rd consecutive trip to the state tournament.
1988-89Sectional ChampsState Qualifiers1362Dave Jenkins2nd consecutive trip to the state tournament.
1987-88Sectional ChampsState Qualifiers (4th Place)1744Dave Jenkins1st state appearance and only time the Lady Kahoks placed as they placed 4th in the state.